The company's management decision-making level adheres to the "people-oriented" concept, provides employees with multi-layered and colorful training and advanced education, and establishes a multi-channel employee development system; The company implements "meticulous education, high-paying employment, environmental absorption, job selection and competitive employment "Talent project;  The company implements a new management model that combines intelligence, reason, and law, creating opportunities for the development of each employee and providing conditions for climbing at every level. The company aims to stimulate the potential of employees and build the Xinhongye brand. This is an inexhaustible source of NEW ONLY PRINTING's access to talent advantages and competitive advantages.

Company recruitment and promotion principles: openness, equality, competition and merit.

Human resources concept of the company: Everyone is talent, everyone is not talent. Everyone is a talent, which means that for everyone, it means that everyone has his strengths. When used properly, he can play his great role; everyone is not a talent, which means that everyone needs training.

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